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Street Child Sierra Leone and COVID-19

An Emergency Appeal!

There is a catastrophe unfolding on our doorsteps and within our communities. COVID-19 now promises to bring untold suffering to the poorest, most fragile communities in the world.

For those living in extreme poverty, in urban slums, refugee camps, and those communities affected by war or previous humanitarian disasters, this is just the beginning. They are unprepared for what is coming and unable to respond to the carnage that will be left behind.

Street Child’s experience, built through the darkest hours of the Ebola crisis, coupled with our model of working arm-in-arm with a network of excellent local partners puts us in a unique position to help at this vital time.

The communities we serve need us to act. We are determined to do just that.

Watch the Webinar: Street Child COVID-19 Emergency Response - Sierra Leone 

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