mepadi stems from the radiant streets of New York City, a place that feeds its inspiration permanently, and provides a platform of opportunity upon which it acts. Situated in an equally impressive city, Berlin serves as home base to the company, in order for its believers to be intertwined with modern trends in two distinctly international metropolises.

It's the beauty and irony in our story that it was in New York City where four young Germans actively engaged in the Meatpacking district's lure, came together to combine their ambitions in order to create a clothing line, as of yet unseen.

mepadi's young culture gravitates towards modern innovations, that its motto 'einzigartigeinfach' (uniquely simple) represents. Uniquely simple: symbolizing a pureness that gleams in simplicity, and does not deflect from the wearer, but rather extenuates their appearance. Uniquely simple: Testifying to the quality of the goods, and the authentic process in which they are designed, as well as highlighting the individual traits of each wearer's personality. 

The Meatpacking district, which the company's name is an abbreviation of, brought the German fashion-enthusiasts together, providing mepadi with the gift to shape ideas, trends and tastes developing in the world, as well as inspiration to continue creating unique products, among a wide range of people, cultures and generations, who, despite their differences, all share a special fondness for fashion, and a sense of pride in their individualism. All practiced in an elegant and modest way. One, that like mepadi, stands for quality, style and authenticity.